Oxfordshire's All Section Camp

26th May 2017 - 29th May 2017

Blenheim Palace • Oxfordshire • UK


When will leaders, parent helpers and staff need to complete a DBS by?

DBS’s will need to be applied for and clearance received by 1st May 2017.

Do adults need to book by the March deadline, since they don’t pay?

Yes please, this allows us to forecast infrastructure and activity needs

How much does it cost for adults to attend OxonJam?

Nothing! That’s right absolutely nothing. We have taken the decision not to charge adults in Scouting for giving up their time in the hope that even more adults will the opportunity to support the event as well as take part in the adult program that will also be on offer.

As a leader can I bring my young child?

Whilst we are encouraging parents and leaders to get involved in OxonJam we are unable to provide activities for children aged under 6 years of age. The activities available at OxonJam may not be suitable for anyone under that age. Children who are not members of Scouting may attend OxonJam only when accompanied by a parent either as a paying or non-paying (with no access to activities) participant, recognising the limitations on availability of activities above.

Will groups have to send staff to man activities over the weekend?

Yes, we are trying to minimise the number of leaders needed to run activities, but the truth is without leader help some activities just won’t run.

I have a Young leaders wanting to lead and not participate can they still attend?

Yes they can! they can attend with the leader rate, this option should be selected during the booking process.