Oxfordshire's All Section Camp

26th May 2017 - 29th May 2017

Blenheim Palace • Oxfordshire • UK


Why have we moved away from Thame Showground?

The simple answer is the county camp has become too large for the showground and we want to grow it even further. There are also a number of other benefits that will become apparent as we move closer to the event.

How do I book onto OxonJam?

Please click here to go to the bookings page!

Can Beavers Camp at OxonJam?

Yes they can! We have two options for this, a one night camping option supported by their leaders or the full weekend as part of a family camp on site. There is also the option for day visitors.

What are the different base prices for attending OxonJam?

We have three Different prices

  • Full weekend (Friday Evening to Monday Afternoon) £45
  • Short Weekend (Saturday Am to Sunday PM) £35
  • Day visitor (Saturday or Sunday) £20

What is included in the Price?

The different prices for the event include all activities whilst on site, entertainments, site services as well as the admin and set up costs of the event. The prices however do not cover food.

How much does it cost for adults to attend OxonJam?

Nothing! That’s right absolutely nothing. We have taken the decision not to charge adults in Scouting for giving up their time in the hope that even more adults will the opportunity to support the event as well as take part in the adult program that will also be on offer.

Is there central catering on site?

There is not central catering available on site, however individual districts are encouraged to cater together to support cohesion. Staff supporting the event will have a catering option available to them.

Is there a theme for OxonJam? If so what is my districts theme?

There is a theme for OxonJam which is Hollywood, please click here for the individual districts have chosen.

Can Young Leaders attend and support my section?

Yes, however due to their age, they will be considered a participant and charged accordingly. They are strongly encouraged to participate in the Young Leader programme as well as the general activities programme.

As a leader can I bring my young child?

Whilst we are encouraging parents and leaders to get involved in OxonJam we are unable to provide activities for children aged under 6 years of age. The activities available at OxonJam may not be suitable for anyone under that age. Children who are not members of Scouting may attend OxonJam only when accompanied by a parent either as a paying or non-paying (with no access to activities) participant, recognising the limitations on availability of activities above.

How will the wristband system work?

The wristband system is a barcode system, the young person’s name, activity group, activity permissions, group ore all recorded on the plastic wrist band.

What time does the camp finish on the Monday?

Oxonjam with finish at 3:30pm and Groups will be to advise parents what time their groups are leaving.

What time can people come on site for Saturday/Sunday visits?

Day visitors can check in from 9am, activities will finish at 4.30pm, groups are welcome to cater for day visitors, all day visitors will need to leave by 10pm.

From when on Thursday and Friday can you pitch your tent?

The site will be open Thursday evening 5-9pm and Friday from 5.30pm, we are unable to open the site before these times due to safety reasons.

What Make OxonJam different to previous county camps? (Zodiac and Oneworld)

With the move to Blenheim Palace from Thame showground we have gained a huge increase in the space we can use for the event for example we can give each group up to twice the area for camping then in previous years. Legacy is a core objective of the OxonJam team and we aim to help promote Scouting through an amazing programme but also offer new skills and experiences to our adults that attend be it as staff, a leader or as a parent helper. We are aiming to replicate the feel of a Jamboree with participants joining us from all over the World which makes it a fantastic opportunity to complete many aspects of the international programme.

What do I get for my money?

Three days and nights of activities and entertainment some timed some on a drop in basis. There will also be some activities you will not see on any other Scouting event, a site infrastructure to support everyone safely. A whole range of adult training and support as well as an adult programme. Cafes and shops and we will also have a radio station on site broadcasting across the local area.

Can I get a camp badge?

Everyone that registers to attend before 1st of March will be sent the camp badge designed by Niraj Prajapati.

Can our section still attend if the rest of our group has chosen not to?

Yes of course you can, we would love to see every group represented in some way. Just sign up your section on the booking system as you would a group and follow all the instructions as detailed in the information on the website or in the booking back.

Can Explorer Scouts camp without a leader?

Yes they can, they will however need an event passport to do so. The event passport can be downloaded here.

Do we need fancy dress for the opening ceremony?

Yes! you will need to where fancy dress in the them your District has chosen, please ask your leaders for more details on their chosen theme.

Do we have to pay for badges?

Yes, Unless you book and pay your deposit by 1st March 2017 then you and your group will receive their badges free!

Will the activity zones be manned to stop everyone entering one zone?

Yes we will have a colour coded wrist band system in place. You will only be able to participate in the activities you are scheduled to do according to the wristband you are wearing. e.g. Saturday morning the Bond zone will only except Black and Pink wrist bands.